Buying a Home in Port-Elizabeth? Here’s Where to Start

Buying a home can be more than a little challenging. In fact, the process can be downright confusing and overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers. The chief source of home-buying anxiety is a result of knowing that it is the largest financial transaction of your life – you don’t want to make an enormously expensive blunder. … Continued

4 Things to do Before a Port-Elizabeth Home Appraisal

Even though you’ve found a buyer and accepted an offer, another hurdle remains before you can close the deal: the home appraisal. Performed by a certified, licensed professional, the appraisal is a report of your home’s value on the market. And this valuation determines whether your price is appropriate – that is, whether you actually … Continued

Property Taxes: A Guide for Port-Elizabeth Buyers and Sellers

Taxes are, as you know, one of those two irksome but inevitable things in life. And included among the inevitable taxes are property taxes. It’s just that with these taxes, many of us don’t know as much about them as we should or could. For example, how are property taxes calculated, who pays them in … Continued