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3 Red Flags Home Sellers in Port-Elizabeth Should Watch Out For

Even in today’s seller’s market with low inventory and high demand, home sellers in Port-Elizabeth still need to carefully consider offers – beyond the dollar amount – and reject some. Some buyers are just too picky and have unrealistic expectations, others really aren’t qualified buyers, and still others include things in their offer that are … Continued

3 Major Mistakes Homeowners Often Make When Selling Their House Without a Port-Elizabeth Real Estate Agent

Selling a home is no small task. It can be time-consuming, emotionally challenging, and anxiety-inducing, especially for first-time sellers. But despite that, many sellers choose to forego working with an agent to avoid paying the agent commission. And that’s often a costly error because sellers going it alone typically make some big mistakes in such … Continued

What about rainwater harvesting?

RAINWATER HARVESTING 101 Everything you need to know about rainwater harvesting. Rainwater harvesting is described as a method of collecting rainwater for later use, as opposed to letting it run off into the drainage and sewer systems. It’s commonly used in rural areas and on farms but is fast-becoming an alternative method of using water and … Continued

The extra costs when you buy a R1.5 million home in Port-Elizabeth.

Buying a home is a high-stakes game. But many first-time buyers do not realise the significant financial and legal obligations they are bound to once they sign an Offer to Purchase (OTP). “Many buyers look to real estate agents as their first point of contact to provide them with guidance and information as they traverse … Continued